New items - Fire -Blocks - Compressed Hardwood Sawdust

Our interest in alternative energy & environment consciousness led to the purchase of a wood briquette machine. The purchase of this press made it possible for us to recycle sawdust, a by-product, into an Eco-friendly, compressed sawdust blocks. Environmentally conscious consumers have now a new option for fuel with the production of Fire-Blocks.


  • 100% Kiln-dried, Maple, Walnut, Poplar sawdust compacted into wood briquettes.
  • Chemical Free.
  • 12 blocks per pack.
  • Packs are 5″ (H) x 11″ (W) x 12″ (L)
  • Burn time: 4 hours (time varies dependent on draft and climate conditions)
  • Burns hot: 14 – 18 Million BTU’S per ton.

Enjoy the convenience of Fire-Blocks Firewood all year long! Wood briquettes can be used in any wood-burning device which burns traditional firewood.

Wood-burning stoves Wood-burning fireplaces or inserts
Campfires Fire pits Chimineas
Charcoal grills Pizza Ovens


Available online by the pack. (88 packs per pallet is equal to one ton).

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