Best Redwood - Redwood Maintenance and Care




California redwood is one of nature’s most maintenance-free building materials. It has a natural resistance to decay and insects. Redwood’s natural stability means it shrinks, warps, and splits less than most other woods. In addition, no other wood takes and holds finishes better than redwood.

Your Best Redwood Furniture will last for at least 5 years all-round weather conditions with normal maintenance every year or so.

Being outside year round is rough on any woods finish. The surface absorbs UV rays, pollution, constant variations in moisture and temperature and it also oxidizes. This is why most wood just doesn’t hold up and the surface color slowly changes towards a grayish color over the years. But, with Best Redwood, you don’t have to worry, your product will last decades and is not compromised in any way by the surface color change. The secret to longevity with outdoor wood furniture is to keep the wood supple and not let it get too dry and brittle over the years (or too wet if in contact with the ground).

We recommended you take a few minutes every year or so, to clean by either hosing down and/or brushing/dusting away accumulated debris (no soap or chemicals needed).  To keep the colors looking vibrant for years, pick up 2 sheets of sandpaper (one 80 grit and one 180 grit). Go over the spots with 80 grit for ten strokes or so and dust off. Then do the same with the fine 180 grit (redwood sands easily). For best results, sand it in the direction of the grain (same direction of the growth lines in the wood). For example, on a picnic tabletop, sand it in the lengthwise of the boards.  Finally, dust off and you’re ready to re-apply the premium outdoor wood sealant. Our products are finished with 1910 super deck transparent sealant and 1905 super deck heart stain premium sealant and 1912 Mission Brown Stained premium sealant from the brand Duckback that you can find on the internet or at any local wood shop.

Best Redwood premium sealant finishes

For more information on how to take care of your redwood product visit: The California Redwood Association