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Even though our brand Best Redwood specializes in Redwood Outdoor Furniture and Structures. Our company RTMEX inc, offers our clients high quality manufacturing services, such as:

  1. Wood Furniture and Components.

  2. Rotational & Thermoforming Plastic Molding.

  3. Plastic packaging materials.

  4. Spring Wire manufacturing.

Since 1995, we are a company with a history of expertise in wood manufacturing techniques, continually innovating in our field and through the years we have brought forth various important ventures in different sectors of the industry.

Our mission is to dominate national and international markets by offering products of the highest quality at an affordable price. We offer great service & functional products that improves our enviroment as well as the well being and personal growth of our colaborators and their families. We strive to provide total satisfaction of our clients needs through the use of materials of the highest quality, new technologies and on time deliveries. 

If interested, please contact us and let us know what would you like us to quote.

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Rtmex inc manufacturing services

Best Redwood Manufacturing services

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If you have any questions, special requests or looking to create your custom wood products please contact us via email to info@best-redwood.com or give us a call at (619) 391-9913 or toll free to 1800-393-4128.