Our Company - Best Redwood

Best Redwood is a brand of Rtmex inc that specialize in redwood outdoor furniture and structures. Rtmex is a company with a history of expertise in manufacturing techniques with all types of woods. Since 1995 we have continually innovated in our field and through the years have brought forth various important ventures in different sectors of industry.

We have a production facility of approximately 40,000-ft2 located south of the border with high-tech wood machinery & over 110 employees all committed to our customers satisfaction. Our distribution center is a 10.000 ft2 warehouse located in San Diego California, from were we distribute our products throughout the United States, to customers like Home Depot, Wayfair, Hayneedle, Houzz among many others.

We at Best Redwood are committed to achieve and exceed our customer’s expectation, through service, teamwork, core values and continuous improvements. We want to be your first and unique patio furniture choice. We want to add value by building any idea that you could have in mind through built to measure system or custom made service, this one applies for all our line products.