Outdoor Redwood Planters Important Tips

When flowers are blooming, plants are growing and you are thinking of working on your Patio. One of the easiest ways to make your patio look beautiful is adding plants and flowers in to some brand new redwood planters. Our redwood planters and planter boxes provide an easy way to keep all your plants looking great. However, it is important to have your planters sealed and waterproofed. 

Our redwood planters are beautiful as well as sturdy in design, helping your patio look great for many years. However, with frequent watering and no waterproof / drainage system, planters can actually become damaged due to excess water moisture, especially those planters that are made from wood. Water stains and mildew are common in planters that dont have waterproof system. Adequate drainage should also take place to constrain possible flooding. Sometimes, roots can also get in the way of draining holes, which will lead to more leaks and can leave stains on the floor of your deck. This can also lead to too much moisture and can may even rot the roots of your plants.

Therefore, our recommendation is to make sure you set up a drainage system and waterproof your redwood planters before adding soil. Here are some ideas:

1.-  Use redwood planters with premium sealants, like the ones we offer. 

2.-  Using a waterproofing caulk and waterproofing sealant on naturally water-resistant wood creates an almost impermeable environment.

3.- Set up a drainage system with plastic mesh and drainage holes.



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