Best Redwood Custom Outdoor Cushions

Made with Sunbrella Fabrics

Where to find the right cushion to fit your Best Redwood furniture? We've got you covered! Becuase of the requests from our customers, we also manufacture custom made cushions with the best outdoor and indoor fabrics, made by Sunbrella®.

We at Best Redwood are aware that our customers are willing to pay a little bit extra to have the best quality products. So, we use the best fabric out there, Sunbrella fabrics. 

Sunbrella® upholstery fabrics offer a beauty and sophistication to every room in your home, both indoors and out. With hundreds of options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fabric to match your unique style. 

Sunbrella fabric designs

Sunbrella fabrics design 2

Sunbrella fabrics design 3

Subrella fabrics design 4

Sunbrella fabrics design 5

Sunbrella fabrics design 6

Sunbrella fabrics design 7

Sunbrella fabrics design 8

Sunbrella fabrics design 9

Cleaning Sunbrella Fabrics

One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella® fabrics looking good is to
brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics and wipe up
spills or clean soon after a stain occurs.
The quicker you clean spills and stains, the easier they can be to remove.
Try this first...
With a new spill or stain on your Sunbrella fabric.
• Blot (don’t rub) liquid spills with a clean, dry cloth. For oil-based
spills, apply an absorbent such as corn starch, then remove with a
straight edge.
• Spray on a mild cleaning solution of soap (such as Dawn or Woolite)
and water.
• Rinse the fabric thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
• Air dry.


If interested please contact us via email to or give us a call at (619) 391-9913 or toll free to 1800-393-4128.