Redwood vs Plastic

Redwood vs Plastic

We’re setting the record straight: Real. Strong. Redwood.

Redwood is a natural choice for builders and homeowners in California. These new 30-second television ads compare redwood to man-made composites and plastic decking and can be seen on CBS Sports programming throughout California this spring.

Watch these new commercials comparing redwood to man-made decking materials.

Redwood vs Plastic Composite video.

Redwood vs Plastic Beautiful video.

Abundant, renewable and energy-efficient, redwood is clearly the environmental choice.
But it’s a beautiful choice for so many reasons:

  • Redwood delivers natural beauty and durability.
  • Redwood maintains its natural beauty and structural integrity with easy maintenance
  • Redwood stays cool and steady under-foot all summer long
  • Redwood has a natural resistance to shrinking, warping and checking
  • Redwood decking stores more carbon than is emitted over its entire life cycle
  • A redwood deck can be restored repeatedly with minimal effort and cost
  • The warmth and rich luxury of genuine redwood is not only affordable, but adds great value to your home
  • Overall, redwood decking offers significant environmental advantages over plastic composite decking
  • Redwood decking meets California’s strict fire codes.