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Modern Maple Mixed with Walnut Side grain Cutting Board

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Designed with a strip pattern of mainly Maple and a little of Walnut wood together. Each board is sanded to a smooth to the touch finish and inspected by hand to ensure there are no splinters or rough areas that could invite bacteria into your cooking surface. It’s designed with a carved juice groove all around the edges to catch any runaway liquids. Perfect for carving meats, slicing fruits, chopping vegetables, dicing herbs, mincing and more while keeping a clean kitchen. It can even be used as a unique plate to enhance the experience of any meal. Unfinished natural wood. Our customers can choose from any seasoning oil or finishing wax they prefer. When finished, the board carries an attractive deep rich color and natural grain patterns, making it a beautiful piece of home decor to go with its functionality.



  • Your choice of standard dimensions.
  • American Walnut and Hard Maple wood sanded to a smooth to the touch finish.
  • Designed with optional juice groove.
  • Unfinished natural wood.

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